Additional Features

Touchscreen FDM

  • Pinch to zoom, tilt, pan, adjust brightness, etc.
  • Quick-touch interface for access to features such as home automation


Integrated Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

  • Record from front and rear cameras
  • Review footage from removable SD card


Trailer Cam

  • Wired and wireless auxiliary cameras for trailer tow and more
  • Monitor cargo, trailer, and passengers with FDM dual-screen mode.


Active Illumination

  • IR emitters illuminate rearward scene to improve nighttime vision
Displays, Indicators, & Alerts

We can help you turn the digital mirror into a platform for: 

  • Rear camera display
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Auxiliary turn-by-turn navigation
Biometric Opportunities

The Gentex Biometrics System delivers a driver-unique experience. The system consists of an iris-scan camera, near-infrared emitters, and system intelligence -- all integrated into the FDM assembly. The system scans a driver’s irides and maps their unique pattern to a storable, algorithmic-based template that authenticates the user with every subsequent glance to the mirror.

System Benefits

  • Theft Protection / Personalized Vehicle Operation
  • Cabin Personalization
  • Secure Cloud-Based Authentication
  • Customized Vehicle Usage Modes


Biometric Athentication Video