The FDM is central to Gentex's Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS). To blend the benefits of cameras, mirrors and displays, Gentex offers hybrid and fully digital rear vision systems that use three cameras to provide comprehensive views of the sides and rear of the vehicle.

Hybrid CMS

Gentex’s Hybrid CMS uses mirror-integrated cameras to stream rear video – in multiple composite views – to the FDM.

Exterior cameras are discretely housed in downsized, exterior mirrors and combined with that of a roof-mounted camera to provide comprehensive rear and side vision. It’s the first practical and comprehensive rear vision solution designed to meet automaker, driver, safety and regulatory requirements.

System Benefits

Provides Enhanced Vision

Provides an unobstructed view of sides and rear of the vehicle.

Fails Safe

Mirror views available if the digital view is disrupted.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Smaller exterior mirrors offer weight savings, improved aerodynamics, and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Ready to Implement

Comprehensive system designed to meet automaker, driver, safety and regulatory requirements.

Cost Effective

No need to retool vehicle interiors to accommodate additional displays.


System can be integrated with side blind zone alerts and other ADAS functions.

Fully Digital CMS

Gentex’s Fully Digital CMS takes it a step further, replacing the vehicle’s exterior side mirrors with camera pods that stream their video feeds to custom 6" curved OLED displays in the vehicle’s interior cabin. By replacing exterior side mirrors with cameras, drivers are given an expanded field-of-view with the additional benefits of:

  • Improved vehicle aerodynamics
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Reduced vehicle width